White Widow Strain

White Widow

White Widow is one of the most famous strains in the world. It gets its name from the white crystals or potent trichomes that cover the plant. At 20% to 25% THC, it has strong effects which are both energizing and relaxing. The earthy pine flavor is very smooth. The strain has made it onto many Dutch coffee shop menus since the 1990’s.


The effects of the White Widow strain are a mild body buzz accompanied shortly after by a strong cerebral high. Non experienced users should explore the strain with caution due to its potency. Although it is positive and an excellent choice for a social gathering, tokers might want to dose accordingly.

Genetics of White Widow

White Widow is a cross between a South Indian indica and a Brazilian sativa. It is a sativa dominant hybrid with very potent energizing effects.
After winning at the Cannabis Cup in 1995 (and many more awards since), it was bred specifically for a high trichome count. The strain has given life to popular strains such as White Rhino, Blue Widow and White Russian. Today craft growers still prefer to grow and cultivate the original strain.

Growing White Widow

The strain will flower in about 60 to 70 days indoors. Outdoor plants can mature by early October. Grow plants from either seeds or from clones easily. Most growers prefer clones because of their uniformity and vigor. The strain is mold resistant.

Flowers are heavy with white crystal resin, showing you the potency to come. The copious amounts of trichomes make it highly valued in the production of Hash. When grown successfully, long trichomes completely cover buds, taking on the whitish-grey appearance that give the strain its name.


Buds are usually chunky, tapered and somewhat conical with a loose and fluffy like texture which breaks up easily despite its stickiness. White Widow has a very smooth toking effect and is very tasty.

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