Pipes For Toking

Pipes For Toking

Which Pipe Is Right For You?

Selecting smoking pipes is not an easy decision to make. New smokers may not have used too many of the different available designs and styles. Walking in to a smoke shop and seeing the walls full of tons of smoking pipes can be overwhelming. To help make your decision easier, you can familiarize yourself with the basic parts of a pipe.

Basic Parts of a Hand Pipe

Bowl: Where you put the marijuana and where it is burned

Shank: Horizontal piece that is the neck of the pipe, it’s the connection between the stem and the bowl

Stem: The connection between the mouthpiece and the bowl

Mouthpiece: The part you put your lips on and smoke out of

Carb: Hole that is covered with finger/thumb to direct airflow from bowl to mouth

Most Important Features of Pipes

It is not just the taste of marijuana that makes smoking satisfying. The look and feel of your pipe are also important factors. Some factors that influence your preference of pipe are price, quality, colour, size, discreetness, look, feel and function. The material that the pipe is made of may also be an important consideration.

Types of Pipes

Pipes are available in wood, metal and glass. Handmade soapstone carved pipes are a less common material, but are desirable pipes also. Glass pipes can break if dropped, so if you want something more durable, you should consider wood or metal.

Choosing New Pipes

Check to make sure all your pipes can be disassembled. This makes a difference in how easy it is to clean. If it can be taken apart, make sure all the pieces align properly and are easy to put back together.


The weight and size of a pipe depend on how much portability you want. Leave your big bong at home. Small one-hitter pipes are easily concealed and very trendy. Stealth is another consideration. There are stealth pipes that look like ordinary objects such as a pen or a sparkplug.


Perhaps you prefer water bongs but need something smaller. Bubbler pipes and mini bubblers might be right up your alley. They combine the convenience of a hand pipe with the function of a glass bong. Sleek and compact, they can be used for dry herb and concentrates.


If you like the hard hit you get from a dry pipe, you may want a chillum or bat. This is a simple, conical pipe with no carb and should be lit on a 45 degree angle to prevent the herb from falling out.

Other Ways of Smoking

Pipes are not the only  means of smoking. There are hookahs, bongs, dab rigs and vaporizers also. It would be nearly impossible to try every type of smoking device on the market. A good idea is to start out small and basic, then work your way up.

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