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World of Toke has the best smoke shop products online. The continually expanding selection of products grows larger every day. Whether you like to toke on-the-go or close-to-the-couch, we have what you want. Find the best products including bongs, pipes, bubblers, dab rigs and more.

The word “toke” or “toking” dates back to the 1950’s or, perhaps much earlier. Literally, used as a verb, it means “to smoke marijuana or tobacco”. Also, importantly, to “toke up” means to get high from smoking marijuana. Around the world, people have many different ways of toking.

Some people prefer to smoke a pipe over a bong and some people prefer a joint over a dab. Moreover, pipes come in long, short, sherlock, straight, hammer, glass, clay, stone, metal and more. Additionally, bongs come in glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, wood, beaker, straight, multi chambers, percs and more. So many different shapes, sizes and styles, not to mention bubblers and dab rigs.

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